The Best Talent Trains Your Child At Trio Tots Pre School

Trio Tots Pre School employs some of the best teachers trained in the conduct of Early Childhood care and development. The teachers form the centre of child education at our Trio Tots Pre School campus and are therefore selected after thorough, objective and subjective evaluations that are conducted ‘in house’. We take care to ensure that only the best and suitable talent is offered a position at our Pre School.

How we Recruit?
The objective qualifications are taken into account and Nursery teacher training forms the core and essential qualification among others. We emphasise knowledge of child psychological education, this is considered a desirable qualification. Work experience is also counted as we prefer people that are well trained in practical experience.

Our humanistic parameters include the psychological testing of teaching experience and more particularly the analysis as how the candidate is able to respond towards the children’s needs. The communication skills and pronunciations are also considered by the psychologists on the selection panel.

We also conduct background verifications of the candidate before the final appointment to ensure their moral and ethical credentials.

Overall, we ensure that a teacher can effectively communicate in a caring manner finds a place at Trio Tots Pre School.

Creativity and extra-curricular activities

We take up on campus and extra campus training of the newly recruited teachers with the aim of developing and polishing their creativity, communication and extra-curricular skills. They are trained in the efficient conduct of yoga, music, puppetry, crafts and other creative knowledge and arts.

The evaluations

We take up dynamic evaluation of our teaching staff on an individual basis and an assessment report is developed for every person. This ensures that only quality talent is retained at our campus.

The faculty therefore is always at its best at Trio Tots Pre School and you can truly trust this.


We have employed the best staff in the teaching and non-teaching categories. Our teachers are well trained in the knowledge of child psychology and development patterns and understand the best of every child’s mind. We also carry out sessional and dynamic teachers’ appraisal programmes to assess their efficacy!
We offer the following –

  • Host of extra-curricular activities like dancing, daily music session, yoga, puppetry shows, garden and field visits and many development-oriented activities.
  • Separate audio video room and dance studio is maintained
  • Well secured and safe indoor and outdoor children play turf.
  • Fully ventilated and naturally lit learning corners and spaces
  • Safe and healthy snacking including local cuisine
  • We also offer fully AC equipped buses together with speed controllers, fire extinguishers, seat belts, trained attendant and first aid box
  • We have been training the synergies and you can safely rely on our humanistic calibers!