“Teaching children is an accomplishment: getting children excited about learning is an achievement.”
Robert John Meehan

Welcome to one of Bangalore’s most vibrant, innovative preschool Trio Tots!

Trio Tots is a cherished memory across countless families that have belonged to the Trio Tots preschool, where generations have been student. Here our tiny tots’ happiness, safety and highly developed academics are curated for their age and over all development. Trio Tots is holistically inclined to first and foremost nurture our adorable tiny preschoolers from the word ‘Go’!

As an educator with a Bachelor’s degree in Art, Law and Education backed with a Teaching Diploma from Cambridge I feel privileged to have worked with the age groups of three to nine years especially. It has been my singular honor to have learnt from my students along with my being a mother to my now teenage son.

Trio Tots clearly has a well-developed philosophy for the overall development of their precious preschoolers with focus on discovery based learning, stimulation apt with loads of fun based experiential activities. At Trio Tots, we constantly seek to enhance collaborative efforts amongst all our management and team members by adhering to the ethos of providing a developmentally safe, healthy and happy environment.

At Trio Tots every member is completely motivated to creating a wonderful learning environment for the children. Trio tots teachers consistently enhance their skills by undergoing well curated professional development trainings, workshops and courses that further scaffold their understanding about the latest educational trends, and needs of the children.

Trio tots team under the aegis of TRIO management works with the all-consuming objective to give the very best to the children who come to learn and grow at Trio Tots.

We welcome you here!

Ms. Geetanjali Dasgupta

Lead Coordinator, Foundational Years

Trio World School