Parents Testimonials

As parents, we wish to take a moment to share our due appreciation to M***a Mam and Elis*****a Mam for all the great work they have been doing to enable all the little ones of K1D.

Being in a teaching domain for years before switching to corporate, I totally can relate to the hardships and readiness that goes behind every F2F session . The pandemic has amplified these challenges multi-dimensional considering the kids age and state of mind, but the way sessions were conducted by the teachers truly reflects their love, passion and commitment to their duties.

We unwind to relearn a lot everyday along with the little one, as these sessions are so informative, methodical and well-crafted to nurture every soul.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our teachers and Trio !

-Anish V
Parent of Aaradhana Anish, From K1 "D"

We would like to spare a moment to thank Ms.Na*****a & Ms A***a for conducting & managing class (Nursery-A)very skillfully. Despite of having virtual classes,they both make sure to involve all the kids in the activities & try to give fair chances to everyone equally. Kids are totally enjoying their sessions.

Thank you so much for being so passionate about teaching young children.We feel extremely grateful to have you both as our preschool teachers.

We would also like to thank Ms.An****a ,Ms Ri***i & Mr.K*** n for conducting extra-curricular activities so efficiently.

Keep up the great work!

- Malaya & Rajni(Nandini) Muni.
Parent of Taira Malaya Muni, From Nursery "A"

I am Tavish Kaushal's mother. We have been wanting to write for sometime now to share our feedback and compliments for all the effort you have taken in the class to develop children.

You have been very patient and have a very different way to engage and develop children. As we also spend time listening to the class, we believe all children have grown to like the class and have actually developed a lot in the last few months.

We are aware it takes a lot to hold these sessions and you are very well prepared always.

Kudos to you and Trio for the efforts you ladies have taken, be it in the class or any celebration. Looking forward to engaging more in future.


- Deepanika Sood
Parent of Tavish Kaushal, From – K2 "C"

I would like to thank you for the development that I noticed in my child. To my surprise she can do a lot with numbers and English which we never expected that my daughter can understand different techniques you taught in class. I am delighted to know the stock of word that she knows and nevertheless good etiquettes that she learnt like 'no interrupting' etc. Which are not so eminent in most of other school students as I found out in my friend's and neighbor’s children basically its a long list to write in this letter.

I really appreciate your skills to understand a K2 student and cover curriculum efficiently.

- Subhrajyoti Chandra
Parents of Saanvi Chandra, From K2 "B"

I am so grateful for the contribution, dedication and concern shown to Grihitha, they are beyond words. Because of your encouragement, she is excited to wake up early and prepare for school. Teachers smile & welcoming presence each day brightens up her mood and always looks forward to seeing it everyday.

I have been seeing so much improvement in my child knowledge and personality. Thank you for continuing to guide her when she struggles with sharing, co-operating and personal boundaries. These skills don't come easy for Grihi but she has come a long way in developing them under your guidance.

All the activities you organize really helped and encouraged her a lot whether it is special events, skills focused, play way or any concept, themes like community helpers, grandparents day, seasons and splash pool day. She enjoys a lot each day and when she comes home she has a lot of good things to say about her experiences at school. Thank you for all the wonderful experience Grihi has gained through your guidance.

- Namratha Raj
Parents of Grihitha Raj, From Nursery "A"

I have been observing the progress of the school on the whole and I must mention that it has been very impressive to say the least.
We would like to convey our appreciation to entire team for the effort put in the development of our son. At the time of admission,we were a little apprehensive as to how would he adjust to the new environment especially because he was an introvert and was just about transforming and opening up.Within a month of his joining we were absolutely convinced that we had made the right decision to enrol him in your school.His teachers at that time along with the support staff were just amazing in creating a conducive and supportive atmosphere for him.The same environment continues to exist which is a great effort from the entire team. There are a lot of things which he mentions that Ms Kulkarni has taught which truly amazes us as to what and how she teaches which he remembers so well.

His teachers of this academic year are doing a tremendous job and no amount of appreciation would suffice.

- Nishanth Nair & Pravitha Nair
Parents of Vihan, From K-2

I would like to share a small interaction that I had with him while doing the time worksheet. There was a question in that asking his favorite time. When I posted the same question to him, there was an instant reply from him telling its 9. On inquiring why, he mentioned that it’s the school time and he learns a lot of interesting stuff in school. These were the exact words that he used. Thought of sharing it with you as it’s the best feedback that we can provide. Thanks and hats off to all the teachers for making learning interesting!

- Vikram
Parents of Nischal Vikram, From K2 "A"

Nidhi loves going to school. There is always a big smile on her face, whenever she talks about her school. All of this is possible because of the dedication and patience of all teachers, staff and the tots team. I would like to thank you guys for all the amazing activities you do at school. I have treasured all the goodies she made at school. I would like to acknowledge the effort you guys put in making school fun for kids. The spirit with which, all the festivals are celebrated is amazing. I am happy that, I have chosen the right school for my little one. Keep up the great job. Kudos to you guys!

- Reshma
Parents of Nidhi K, From Nursery "C"

The journey started with the leap of faith and trust that we as parents took, in tots team, as Arjun put his first steps in school. As the journey comes to an end, we want to sincerely Thank the entire Tots team to have made this journey for Arjun and us so enjoyable, full of learning, colorful and ready for his further steps. Our inhibitions ended in the initial days itself. What helped was the orientation that we received and the timely resolution of all the queries that we had. Also the monthly agenda that is sent in advance helped. Our first and foremost objective of having Arjun comfortable in a school environment was fulfilled because of the efforts of teachers.
He has learnt a lot. Though we have not compared with how much do playgroup students learn in other schools, we are overall happy with the learning that Arjun has received in this one year. What impresses us most is that Arjun relates the learning to his day to day life easily. To give a simple example, he recognizes the basic shapes so well that when he spots a bus on the road he says it's a rectangle, when he saw a wet spot on the bed sheet he said its a circle, all on his own.
It was good to have Arjun exposed briefly to most of the festivals and National events like independence day, Diwali, Christmas and so on. The Annual Day was a treat to our eyes.

Arjun has been a child who mostly enjoy's playing by himself, not socializing much with other kids and does not like sharing things. We do see some improvement in him in this one year, but he has a long way to go still.

- Capt Saily Jagtap
Parents of Arjun, From "Play Group"

Heartiest Congratulations to the school and you as well. Its been just three months since the school reopened and even I could see so many changes in Dishika. She is all the time singing something or the other (rhyme). So I am impressed with the curriculum and the way you people are working towards this. As a parent even I feel proud that the school has won such an important award. Wish you All The Best for all your future endeavours.

Parents of Dishika, From – Play Group "B"

The best international preschool in Bangalore. My kids never say don't want to go to school. They are very comfortable to the teachers. The communication of the kids has been improved a lot.

- Kirankumar Shidlyali

Excellent school!!!! My son is very happy and so am the way teachers respond to the parents.

- Sarika Todi

Teachers are very good in tots my child is very comfortable there.

- Avinash Kaur

The school is awesome. My daughter loves going here. Teachers are excellent and very well trained.

- Nithya John

He loves to goes to school everyday and we are very happy with how things went..
I am going to given an example of how your teachings have affected us personally. I drive bike every day to work and since it is very close to my home, I dont use helmet. But Aarush insists that I wear helmet when I take bike. So I started wearing it regularly. Recently I had an accident on bike and helmet greatly helped me (I had fracture on my hand).

He keeps saying there are 5 rules on the road..

1. Wear helmet
2. Wear seatbelt
3. Walk on foot path
4. Cross roads at Z crossing
5. Look both sides.

I am sure these manners are taught by you at school. We are confident that Aarush is in safe hands at school...

- Sampath and Rajani
Parents of Aarush