Our Playgroup Has Been Designed With A Difference!

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TOTS Pre School offers an intricately developed Playgroup experience to children in the age group of 2 years. Our playgroup section has been designed with the definite objective of facilitating the easy and smooth transition of your child to the school. In this exercise we have taken care that he/she never develops any antipathies towards the schooling environment that will be his/her academic passage for more than a decade in their future.

How we serve differently?

Our playgroup intake is open to children when they turn 2 years old. We have designed our Playgroup as an entrance to the new world. The activities have been arranged to be fun and the creative genres of them intended to simply appeal to the young mind. The children are introduced to the new environment where they can learn the most basic things by feeling the objects and developing the nascent understanding about those. Through this simplest of techniques their understanding is developed in a playful manner as playgroup is all about exploring things and having experiences that enhances learning. The color depictions, patterns, shapes, figures and designs are all put up before them in 3D forms to enable them to develop a sense of differentiation.

Well trained and experienced teachers

Our teachers are well trained in child care and development as well as child psychology. The information is delivered in a chronological manner that aids in the mental development of the child. A ratio of not more than 1:7 (teacher to children) is maintained at our TOTS Pre School.

Emphasis is to allow the child’s mind to become aligned with the others in the same age group. Teachers also serve to encourage the first steps of the child towards the social inclusion and acclimatisation within the school's environment. They learn to set their routines and become socially inclusive gradually. This is strengthened by the friendly environment where teachers behave more as facilitators rather than teachers.

Note - We are currently not accepting applications for Day Care and Play Group