Extended Preschool

preschool in bangalore

Trio Tots is proud to introduce the Extended Preschool Programme at our  Sahakarnagar  centres. This programme is for parents or guardians looking for a childcare or daycare centre in Bangalore, that offers an experience beyond typical daycare. Tots Extended Preschool is based on our innovative preschool curriculum. It blends the enriching educational experience of Trio and a calm, and nurturing space for the little ones. Extended Preschool is an ideal investment into the vital early days of your child's education.

We make it our priority to create a safe and structured environment for children, away from their homes, and ease your worries as working parents. Sahakarnagar Trio Tots maintains a small group size and a low child-to-caregiver ratio to ensure maximum care and attention to each individual child. Our centre's staff are highly trained in early childhood care and education. We ensure loving and sensitive attention for every child. Our caregivers understand how to be in sync with your child's needs and respond adequately, throughout the child's stay with us. Our Extended Preschool schedule strikes a fine balance between play-based activities that boost learning and creativity and sufficient resting periods. We provide nutritious meals and comfortable sleeping arrangements. We have created an environment which ensures children will love spending their time here. Trio Tots trains its staff and implements a strict set of safety policies for the safety and security of your child.

Note - We are currently not accepting applications for Day Care and Play Group